Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Last Post Was In November?!!!

Oh golly meeeee.  I could have sworn (if I were the swearing type) that I did write a post this year.  I did!  I did!  The evil blog critters must have done something to it.  May be forced to sprinkle garlic powder over my lap top.  Or was that salt?  Salt I have aplenty...the garlic powder may have hardened and expired, like most of the things in my fridge...and cupboard.

Stop digressing, Leechy!

It is August of the year 2012.  How did eight freaking months of my life passed by without a single post.  Oh yeah.  Evil blog critters.

What else passed by?  The Olympics.  That one zoomed right over my head.  Me, probably the small percentile of the population still without cable.  But I have broadband and live streaming and yet I probably watched a whopping total of 4 hours of an assortment of events.  Did not even watch darling Federer play and give the gold over to Murray.

Many a things happened in this great nation of ours.  Yes.  That statement is peppered with sarcasm and undertones of injustice and resentment.  Am hoping for a change.  Change is good.  Change is scary.  But at this point, any change is better than no change.  'Nuff said.

Bersih 3.0 on my mum's birthday.  Am sure she would have understood why I didn't visit her.

Still paper pushing away at the same job.  Still loving it...even the bad parts...in hindsight.  Always in hindsight.  Learning to deal with all sorts of people on a daily basis.  Learning to be a bigger (not physically!) person on a daily basis.

Joined the 'sewing circle' in church.  Am as amazed as you are, so put away that raised eye brows and wipe that incredulous drool.  It does not look becoming.

Still collecting books and attempting to read all of them.  The Big Bad Wolf sale is in the horizon and that calls for a visit to IKEA for a new Billy book case.  The two in the study is packed.

To end on a more serious note.  Things I unfortunately learnt the hard way:
  • Lines have to be drawn and most of the time...in order to do that...one has no choice but to be a bitch.  Then, people who would normally leverage your 'kindness' would think twice before coming to you with their crap.  If they still come, then you know that it is most probably a genuine request.  Help if you can.  If not, get a turqoise coloured crayon and draw more lines.
  • When making a change in your life, best not to announce it to too many people.  True friends are weeded out from the fakers.  You will never understand this unless you have been through it, so trust me on this.
  • A simple "I love you" heals a multitude of hurts.
  • Idiots exist EVERYWHERE.  But do not be too presumtious.  Sometimes, when you stare into a mirror, one stares back at you.
Alright.  Out for dinner.  It has been a long day and am in dire need of entertainment...of any kind.  I am that desperate.

The cross stitch will just have to stay in its plastic prison for yet another day (or possibly week...hopefully not months).

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